Back yard cat fence

Cat Fence Features

Safelink® FM DM Digital Signal – Patented and EXCLUSIVE 
A coded FM DM digital signal minimises unintentional signals to your cat collar.

Boundary Control Technology – EXCLUSIVE
System can be programmed in multiple ways to solidify the signal throughout the entire boundary. Speed of the pet, behaviour and highly instinctual breeds can be controlled through the programming, which maintains training integrity.

5-Training and Stimulation levels
Subtle enough for perfect training influence, or strong enough for “that” tough cat; Hidden Fence receivers are engineered to offer the consumer the most flexibility on the market for SAFELY containing their cat.

Individually Programmable Collars
Our Cat Fence receivers are fully programmable, so no need for a “small cat” or “stubborn cat” receiver collar. You can have an unlimited number of cat fence collars on a hidden fence system…all programmed individually!!

This makes the Hidden Fence cat fence the SAFEST on the market!

FastReact® – Patented and EXCLUSIVE
FastReact is Digital software that calculates the cats speed at the signal entry point. If the software recognises that the cat is attempting to “break out”, the software quickly responds and imparts the correction within 1/8th of a second.

Visual Security Alerts
Immediately alerts if a break in the boundary wire occurs.

2- Acre Capacity!
Hidden Fence cat fencing is able to secure a property anything from a simple doorway to 2 full acres.

6 -Month Battery Life – User Replaceable
Hidden Fence cat fence collars are engineered to be the industry leader in efficiency and reliability. Our receiver collars maximise battery life by utilising specially designed software. Unlike other brands which use proprietary batteries which need to be replaced as early as 30-days. Hidden fence receivers lead the industry globally in this area.

Industrial Grade Components
All Hidden Fence products are manufactured to the highest quality specifications, from gold plated battery contacts, to lead free soldering.

Approved and Compliant to Australian Communication Authority
EMC Emissions: AS/NZS CISPR 22:2002 Class B ITE

3-Year Equipment Replacement Warranty
Honoured throughout Australia